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Prime power generators are robust and versatile, suiting any application that requires a reliable source of continuous power. They’re useful for almost any industry that requires a primary power source apart from the utility grid — oil and gas applications, field work applications, agricultural...

Case study

Phenix Technologies, a manufacturer of test systems and components for high-voltage, high-current and high-power applications, asked CK Power to custom engineer a new generator set to replace their old set used to perform integrity tests on utility cables. As a part of their integrity tests, Phenix...


Generators need to run smoothly and efficiently to effectively power necessary equipment in industrial settings. However, there are a few common problems industrial generators encounter that factory managers, OEMs and owners should be aware of in order to prevent downtime. Common generator pro...


Industrial generator sizing takes careful planning and a complete audit of your application to determine best value options. Taking the time to analyze the equipment used in your operations will lead to an efficient and reliable generator that will provide critical power in times of need. Gett...

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