What is NFPA 110: A brief overview

  Split up into eight chapters and three annexes, the 2016 edition of NFPA 110 is intended to codify the performance —in installation, maintenance, operation and testing— of emergency and standby power systems. In this overview, we’ll address what NFPA 110 is, and how emergency power systems are classified throughout the standard. We’ll also discuss how facility managers, installers and design engineers should —and shouldn’t— interpret NFPA 110 when seeking… Read more

Custom engineering some of the first user-friendly Tier 4 rental generators

In 2015, Alta Equipment Company —one of the largest construction equipment providers in the U.S.— was looking to round off their Volvo-powered product offerings. With a diverse portfolio of rentals, from heavy forklifts to carry deck cranes and lift trucks, the only thing missing was a line of powerful, fuel-efficient rental generators to power their equipment. To design and manufacture the rental gen sets, Alta partnered with CK Power, a… Read more

What you need to know about fuel-efficient generators: Which fuel to use, and what products to choose

Regardless of application, fuel-efficiency should be one of your key considerations when purchasing a generator set. From fuel savings to a lower cost of ownership, fuel-efficient generators provide many benefits to the end user. In this post, we’re going to explore what you need to think about when choosing a generator based on fuel efficiency, such as which fuel to use and which products to consider. Diesel vs. gaseous generators:… Read more

Everything you need to know about prime power generators

Prime power generators are robust and versatile, suiting any application that requires a reliable source of continuous power. They’re useful for almost any industry that requires a primary power source apart from the utility grid — oil and gas applications, field work applications, agricultural applications and even on-grid data centers all have uses for prime power generators. When choosing a generator for your particular application, though, there are a lot… Read more

Eight factors construction contractors need to consider when buying a mobile generator

The mobile generator you choose for your job site needs to be able to provide the dependable power your job site requires, plain and simple. And because job site applications vary so widely, mobile generator selection should be taken on a case-by-case basis. A small commercial remodel, for example, will require a much different mobile generator than a big bridge refurbishment or road construction job. That’s why it’s so important… Read more

Never-before-seen solutions for custom Tier 4 generator sets

Phenix Technologies, a manufacturer of test systems and components for high-voltage, high-current and high-power applications, asked CK Power to custom engineer a new generator set to replace their old set used to perform integrity tests on utility cables. As a part of their integrity tests, Phenix hooks up their testing equipment to the ends of utility cables and alters the voltage from our generators to conduct a voltage sweep of… Read more

Common generator problems in industrial settings

Generators need to run smoothly and efficiently to effectively power necessary equipment in industrial settings. However, there are a few common problems industrial generators encounter that factory managers, OEMs and owners should be aware of in order to prevent downtime. Common generator problem no. 1: Neglected maintenance The single most common generator problem is neglected maintenance. Think of the engine on an industrial generator the same as you would the… Read more

Size an industrial generator for your application

Industrial generator sizing takes careful planning and a complete audit of your application to determine best value options. Taking the time to analyze the equipment used in your operations will lead to an efficient and reliable generator that will provide critical power in times of need. Getting started: industrial generator sizing Whether it’s prime or backup power generation, the first question to ask is, “what do I need to accomplish… Read more

200 kW diesel generators from CK Power: A closer look

It doesn’t matter what market you’re in, a 200 kW commercial generator could be the exact thing needed to keep the power flowing and the business functioning. Oil and gas, marine and standby power are just a few of the industries that benefit from our line of commercial generators. CK Power has a wide range of plug and play 200 kW commercial generators to buy or rent. We also regularly… Read more

Should you buy or rent a commercial generator?

So, you’ve decided the need for a generator, whether it’s standby or prime power, is too important to ignore. What’s your next step? Should you invest in the purchase of a generator? Maybe renting is the better option. There isn’t a clear-cut answer. An overview of your application, financial capabilities and time frame of need are the prominent considerations to look at when deciding the means of procuring a generator…. Read more