The right OEM engine for the right application: a purchasing guide for OEMs

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) require engines that meet strict specifications for their application. With the final Tier 4 regulations now in effect, OEMs have some key considerations to examine before purchasing a new engine. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Tier 4 regulations to cut down on harmful pollutants, specifically the byproducts known to create smog, but the new regulations have been causing problems for diesel engine owners. Common… Read more

CK Power generator undergoes, passes IBC seismic testing

It’s important for power systems to function even after a catastrophic event, such as a natural disaster or even a terrorist attack. In particular, critical need facilities such as hospitals, emergency personnel stations, government facilities and power plants must have the ability to withstand physical shocks and multi-axis accelerations. CKPower has specifically designed the CK680VM-T4 to meet International Building Code (IBC) seismic requirements for just such a situation. The video… Read more

CK Power adds two final Tier 4 generators to mobile lineup

CK Power has added two new models to their final Tier 4 rental/mobile prime power diesel generator lineup. The 350-kW CKT430VM and 550-kW CKT680VM Tier 4 Final rental/mobile prime power diesel generators offer dependable power for large, heavy-duty applications. The units are powered by Volvo Penta’s 13L & 16L simple T4F solution. The units come standard with multiple voltages. The units are powered by Volvo Penta’s 13L and 16L simple… Read more

Diesel backup generators offer efficiency, reliability

A power outage isn’t just a power outage for many industries. Think hospitals, 911 call centers blood banks, data centers. When a loss of power means the difference between life and death, being in the dark simply can’t happen. If failure just isn’t an option, then it might be time to consider a backup generator, or a generator with a standby rating. These generators supply power during emergency situations for… Read more

Load Bank Testing Generators

Running your generator efficiently is the key to ensuring its longevity and avoiding unnecessary downtime. Things like light loading a generator or neglecting scheduled maintenance can lead to unexpected operating costs, excessive wear and increased emissions. Most importantly, though, regularly scheduled maintenance will help to make sure that your generator is ready when it’s called upon. For some applications, such as data centers, blood banks and hospitals, emergency power generators… Read more

Keys to running your generator efficiently

No one wants to invest in their equipment more often than they have to. That’s why running backup and prime power generators efficiently is important. It helps prolong the life of the machinery and keeps it running great, every time it’s called on. Running a generator improperly isn’t like running a car that’s overdue for an oil change. Whereas it’s possible to go more than the recommended distance before getting… Read more

Getting marine diesel generators right

Reliability is key on the water. When selecting a new marine diesel generator based on the right power needs of the vessel, maintaining an existing marine diesel generator or executing a repower of a marine diesel generator that’s still seaworthy, it’s crucial to get the details right so as to never lose power while on the water. Determining the kW requirements of a vessel is usually the first hurdle to… Read more

Wet stacking and how to avoid it

Most standby generator systems up to five megawatts use reciprocating internal combustion engine as the power source to drive the generator that produces the electrical power. The engines of choice are diesel, natural gas or LPG fueled. A large percentage of standby power systems use diesel engines. Diesel is a convenient, independent fuel source and the compression ignition systems of diesel tier 4 engines have a much higher thermal efficiency… Read more

CK Power Opens New Facility in Springfield, MO

CK Power is excited to announce that the company has expanded with a new 7,500- square foot Sales and Service location in Springfield, Missouri. This new facility is located at 2630 North Westgate Avenue, Springfield, MO 65803. “We are thrilled at the prospect of expanding our presence in the Springfield area,” said CK Power President Paul Ostby. “We definitely see southern Missouri, and the Springfield area in particular, as a… Read more

Mobile power generation: It’s transition time

You can see all of our mobile generators here, or you can download our mobile Tier 4 generator brochure here. The following article provides guidelines for understanding the EPA’s Tier 4 regulations, and how they apply to mobile power generators.  Mobile generator sets for prime power applications, like power generation in many of the markets we serve, are in a time of transition. The deadline for the implementation of final… Read more